Victoria's Secret PERFECT Lipstick :: Pics & Swatches

I've wanted one of these for the longest time, but i never got around to getting it .. i'm glad i waited til the Vicki's Semi-Annual sale though, because they're originally $14.00 and i copped each of them for $2.50 each!


TELL MEEEEEE how cute this packaging is! :)

I dunno about you, but i seriously cannot get enough of it .. i wish i had ALL the shades JUST for the packaging! :)

ONLY downfall .. packaging is SLIGHTLY flimsy .. like .. PLASTIC-Y .. if that makes any sense? It feels like if i dropped it on tile it would crack or shatter or dent or something ..

Pretty, but weak


Otherwise ... STILL cute. :) <3

L to R: Instinct - Heartbeat - Pulse - Heated

muted nude with grey undertones 

soft peach

sheer candy pink

wine berry plum


L to R: Instinct - Heartbeat - Pulse - Heated

My personal favorite is Heartbeat. It's a beautiful light peach shade that's very sexy on the lips. 2nd favorite would be Pulse, which is a happy pink shade, but would be much more flattering on medium skin tones or those less tan than me. Heated is a great shade, but looking at it in the tube, i saw it being a much more pigmented shade than how it swatched. On the lips, it's buildable, it can be worn as if it were  lipstain or you can layer the color over and over until it builds up to a deeper wineberry shade. Instinct was definitely my least favorite of the 4 that i got because it's so nude on me that it comes out a bit ghostly. it's easy to warm it up with a warm brown lipliner, but it's definitely too light for my skintone worn alone.

That's the main thing about these lipsticks that i was UNDERwhelmed by -- the color payoff. The consistency and texture is like that of a MAC cremesheen finish -- which is GREAT, but that kind of bothers me because in the tube, they look as if they'll come out much more pigmented. I do like that the color is buildable, but i wish i didn't have to do like 4-5 layers just to get the color payoff i want.

Otherwise, if you like sheer color with a lil punch, i think you'll really like these. ;) and c'mon now .. that packaging is too cute to pass up! ;)


beautyymonsterr said...

those are cutee <3 id deff buy em just for the packaging lol

Lisa said...

I tried looking for these on the website & they're not there :( I want heartbeat, Pulse & Heated. Lucky you were able to get your hands on them.

Krystal said...

I have heartbeat, and I am pretty in love with it. Too bad I missed the sale- I would have loved to get a back up, and maybe try another color! Nice review.

charlene-ann said...

ssooooo i love the packaging!!! soo cute!! nice colours too :)

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